Meadowbrook Non-Negotiables

Meadowbrook Middle School Non-Negotiables

10 - 10 Rule

No student shall leave the classroom during the first and last 10 minutes of the class period.

Student Dress Code

Students must adhere to the OCPS student dress code per the Code of Student Conduct; specifically, students shall NOT wear: jeans or pants with holes that reveal skin and or undergarments (e.g., leggings, tights, etc), headgear: bandannas, hats, hoodies, knit caps, etc.

No Cellphones and Electronic Devices

No cellphones and or handheld, electronic devices are permitted on campus; specifically, students shall NOT use cellphones during class. e.g., Electronic devices must be concealed and off while on campus and no earbuds, headphones, speakers

Class Attendance

Students shall be in their classrooms and or designated areas, seated, and prepared to work when the tardy bell rings.