Athletic Eligibility, Rules, and Guidelines


Eligibility rules are determined by the FHSAA and Orange County School Board. Listed below are the primary eligibility regulations. For more information, see our Athletic Director, Mrs. Ronalda Nelson.

  1. Must be a student at Meadowbrook Middle School
  2. May not be older than 15 years at time of participation.
  3. May only participate for 3 years from the first entry into 6th grade.
  4. Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 unweighted since 6th grade.
  5. Sixth graders are eligible for the first semester if it is his/her first attempt of sixth grade.th graders are eligible for the first semester if it is his/her first attempt of sixth grade.
  6. A student is eligible at the first school he/she enrolls in each year for residency purposes if the student is assigned legally to that school by OCPS.
  7. A transfer student becomes ineligible unless the transfer is accompanied by a change of address.

Rules for Athletes

General Rules

  1. Display good sportsmanship at all times.
  2. The use of alcohol, tobacco, profanity, or illegal drugs is a violation of student code of conduct and will be dealt with according to school board rules.
  3. Attend all practices and contests unless excused by the Head Coach.
  4. Attend school regularly.

Specific Rules

  1. Any student athlete who quits a team will not be allowed to play on another team until the end of the season of the team he/she quit. Exceptions can be made by the Principal or Athletic Director.
  2. On days school is in session, an athlete must attend a minimum of 4 periods in order to play or practice that day, unless prior arrangements were made with the Athletic Director.
  3. An athlete suspended from school is automatically suspended indefinitely from the team. Only the Principal or Athletic Director can lift the indefinite suspension.
  4. A student athlete who misbehaves at a school sponsored event or is ejected from a contest will be suspended indefinitely and is subject to school disciplinary action.
  5. An athlete who is ineligible to play cannot practice or travel with the team.